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Life Groups are groups of 15 people or less that meet in homes in the community that "do life together." Whether you were raised in church, are new to faith, or still exploring this whole 'Jesus' thing, we believe Life Groups are a great way to discover faith and friendships. 
Locations Available
Spanish Ministry
Lionel Banuelos
Si usted fue criado en la iglesia o si usted es nuevo a la fe. Nuestra mision es levantarle mas cerca y conectarle con Dios por Cristo. 
College & Career
James Cornejo
[email protected]
Young adults that join together and bond over their shared responsibilities.  They encourage one another to work toward their prosperous tomorrow with Jesus at the center.
High School Teens
Shavontea & Michelle Ennis
[email protected]
Teens that get together and learn more about what it is to be a christian. They make lasting frienships and have clean cut fun in christ.
Junior High Youngsters
Erica Ochoa
Young people that are learning about the world around them and the way that they fit into it. We take the time to teach them that God is a great part in that as they experience the world and have fun doing it.
Mens Ministry
Pastor Jesse
[email protected]
Men that strive to be greater spiritual leaders in their homes and in their own lives. As they continue to learn how to undestand and love people in Christ.
Womens Ministry
Dahlia Cornejo
[email protected]
Women that pray and encourage one another. They learn to love and respect themselves and others. Learning that God has made them to further his kingdomin a pivital way.
Childrens Ministry
Jasmine Mejia
Kids are taught about Jesus through exciting crafts, games, and field trips. They get introduced to new friends and to Jesus, all at the same time.
LifeLine Outreach
Johnny Rodriguez
Danielle Rodriguez
[email protected]
Be Healed.
A  faith-based, non-profit, rehabiltation program for drug, alcohol, gang- affected individuals who sincerely desire to change their lives. To rebuild and restore lives with a foundation on faith.