Lifeline Outreach Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Prevention Center for men and women.  The need for a Christian rehabilitation center provides the help needed to men and women. Families deemed lost forever have found a new beginning in choosing the path of restoration through Jesus Christ.  

    Our Pastor, Jesse Cornejo, a graduate of Lifeline Outreach in Whittier, California is a living testimony of God's restoring power.  Following 20 years of ministering at Family Life Center, Pastor Jesse Cornejo was called by the Lord to open an Apostolic Church in Pacoima, California with the vision of opening the Lifeline Outreach right here in Pacoima. In May 2005, the Lord opened the door for NewLife AWC under the direction of Pastor Jesse Cornejo to start LifeLine Outreach in Pacoima.

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          The mission of Lifeline Outreach is to provide hope to the men of today who sincerely desire a change in their lives; to repair the shambles their lives have become as a product of drug and alcohol abuse.
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        Lifeline Outreach services the jails of Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties and many of  the state prisons.  We partner with the state court system, suggesting our program as an alternative to prison, and taking men under our care, supervision, and treatment for a time as stipulated by the court.
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        While in our care, we do not offer any synthetic drug and or alternative medical care.  We offer a program which minimizes the symptoms of the withdrawal and increases knowledge, self-awareness, and self-perception of the resident, resulting in a successful rehabilitation.
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        An addict or a gang member in need of rehabilitation resides at the Home for a period of six months to one year.  The length of time is determined on how the individual responds to the program.  Although the individual is encouraged to stay at the Lifeline Home until such a time as the Director feels he or she is ready to leave, he or she may leave whenever he or she desires.
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    Life Line Outreach Resource Center is a non-profit organization that is self-supporting through fundraising projects. We are looking for businesses as yours willing to make a difference in our local community by supporting us in our endeavor challenge to change lives one person at a time.
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      Court Referrals     Individual, group or family counseling    Drug Information     Drug prevention    Referral Assistance & Spiritual therapy    Speakers are available at no charge for all age groups.

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